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Kedarji - Can Fear Be Eradicated Permanently?

How 4 pillars of Total Well-Being Work In Synergy to Destroy Fear At the Root Cause.

“Love is all there is. Grace is God’s Love. The journey to recognition of our true nature is Love. And this Love conquers fear. In the end, it all comes back to Love.”

From wisdom, well-being. What’s wrong with becoming both wise and well? If you had leadership that can deliver you to being happy for no good reason, becoming immersed in a state of Joy and inner Peace, while becoming healthier than you are today – leadership that results in lasting well-being in every area of your life, why not embrace it?

Kedarji is a spiritual leader of Yoga and Siddha Science, as well as, a holistic well-being visionary and natural healing scientist. He has a reputation of leading with love.

He is the Founder of The Bhakta School of Transformation, an Ohio-based not-for-profit public charity devoted to lasting Inner Peace and Total Well-Being. In his company, people learn the daily rituals and methods of the most spiritually-powerful, happiest and healthiest people on the planet.

He leads by example in becoming both wise and well with a powerful, heart-centered approach that completely embraces vibrant health. With his Ecology of Well-Being and 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being (the Spiritual Power, Improved Mental State, Emotional Resilience and Vibrant Health) as the foundation, he leads students in an exact science for both wisdom and well-being. This includes opening pathways to vibrant health.

Kedarji is the author of several books, including:

  • How To Live Strong & Be Happy. Learn The Daily Rituals of The Most Spiritually-Powerful, Happiest and Healthiest People On The Planet – available now in both paperback and as an eBook PDF download.
  • The Verses On Witness Consciousness. (meditation and contemplation methods for making the restless mind quiet in under 3 minutes)
  • The Coronavirus Era – What You Need To Know Now and How to Prepare For What’s Coming Next.
  • For The Love of Greed (a work about greed and social responsibility).
  • How To Be Fearless, Happy and Resilient In The Age of Noise and Distractions (a video home-study course and weekend retreat).

Kedarji helps people embrace the Grace in life’s joys and challenges in a way that causes lasting happiness and peace. In a world seemingly mad with greed and corruption, Kedarji has a long track record of helping people affirm and expand the best parts of their lives. Many of Kedarji’s students say that through his leadership, he has transformed their lives in profound ways not experienced in other modalities or on other paths.

Dr. Ravi Kulasekere - Your Inner State Is Your Fate. How Living In a State of Fear Destroys Total Well Being and Leads to Chronic Health Conditions. PART 1.

Dr. Ravi Kulasekere is a board-certified holistic health practitioner and a diplomate of the Trinity School of Natural Health, Doctor of Naturopathy program. He also has a PhD in materials physics from the University of Missouri. Prior to becoming a naturopath, he was an ABR board-certified medical physicist, where his clinical physics career spanned almost 13 years in the field of cancer care, at various hospital systems in Michigan and Ohio.

Dr. Ravi’s academic and teaching career spans decades, and includes teaching and tutoring high school and college students as well as medical residents, covering subjects including mathematics, physics and radiation oncology physics. He also has several peer-reviewed articles published in a variety of applied science and medical journals, completed while participating in almost two decades of corporate and hospital-based research programs.

In 2016, he voluntarily left his position as chief medical physicist at the Metro Health Medical Center, in Cleveland, and opened his own holistic health practice Do No Pharm Naturopathy LLC, in Lakewood, Ohio. Here, he works with clients from around the world, teaching and guiding them to adopt the principles of traditional naturopathy, with the goal of improving and achieving overall health and wellness.

Since 2011, Dr. Ravi has also diligently studied the science behind vaccines and vaccine safety. He is a vocal supporter of informed consent and medical choice, both on- and offline. He also has provided both written and live testimony when state sponsored bills, aimed at removing or restricting vaccine choice, are introduced in Ohio.  He is also an active advocate of medical and health freedom, both at the state and local levels, and participates in community discussions and also on various syndicated talk shows.

In his spare time, Ravi loves to travel with his wife and two daughters, and enjoys gardening, reading, ethnic cooking, astronomy, and being active in the vegan community in Cleveland.


Free Enzyme Analysis. With this certificate and code, you will receive an online Signs and Symptoms Survey from the Food Enzyme Institute, a stress cascade analysis based on your responses and a free phone consultation with Dr. Ravi to discuss the analysis in detail at your convenience.

Nadera Lopez-Garrity - How to Overcome Fear Through Acting on the Truth Through Selfless Service.

Nadera Lopez-Garrity is the Vice President and co-founder of Health Freedom Ohio, a politically active nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about holistic pathways to health and wellness. Nadera has a background in both Journalism and Political Science and has long been active in Ohio’s legislative process to ensure Ohioan’s constitutional rights and liberties are protected.

Her efforts have formed part of a collective movement of citizens in Ohio that have influenced and prevented the passage of legislations that would have drastically limited Ohioan’s fundamental human rights and freedoms. Additionally, her continuous advocacy and professional relationships with state legislators has helped put into motion legislation that would grant protection for individuals right to choose what is right for them and their families when it comes to their health and overall wellbeing, free of coercion and discrimination. 

With over a decade of marketing and event planning experience, Nadera has also been instrumental in working with other national and local organization, coordinating several monumental conferences and fundraising events; whereby, world renowned experts graciously share their expertise so individuals may be empowered to make the best, informed decisions for themselves and their family. Drawing hundreds of attendees within the state and across the nation. 

A native of Venezuela who has traveled and lived all over the world, Nadera has a passion for justice and a genuine desire to empower people, understanding that we are all intrinsically connected and what we do at a local level impacts humanity at large. Advocating to preserve individual’s God-given fundamental human rights and freedoms is an intrinsic part of her calling, born from an innate desire to leave this world a bit better for our children and generations to come. 

Her greatest joy and most cherished blessing are her family, whom she lives with in the great state of Ohio.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - I’m All In. Thy Will Be Done O Lord. How Cultivating Trust and Faith In God Conquers Fear.

Dr Sherri Tenpenny is an osteopathic medical doctor, board certified in three specialties. She was the full-time Emergency Medicine physician and Director of a Level II Trauma center from 1986 to 1998. She is the founder of Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, a medical clinic located near Cleveland, Ohio. Opened in 1996, her company provides a natural, holistic approach to getting well and off prescription medications. Her approaches have attracted patients from all 50 states and 17 countries.

Dr Tenpenny has invested nearly 20 years and more than 40,000 hours documenting and exposing the problems associated with vaccines. As an internationally known speaker and author, her many articles have been translated into at least 15 languages.

She is a frequent guest on radio and TV to share her knowledge and educate parents on why they should just say no to vaccines.



Articles & Newsletter:



Twitter: @BusyDrT

Instagram: #DrTenpenny


Robert Scott Bell - Homeopathy, The Power to Heal and Recognition of Your Divinity to Eradicate Fear.

Robert Scott Bell - How Gratitude for the Miracle of Life Gives Rise to Fearlessness.

In broadcast media since 1999, Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom. (American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy 1994) served on the board of the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (1999-2001), currently serving on the Board for Trinity School of Natural Health, and the United Precious Metals Association and continues to provide direct support to those in need and works with physicians on their toughest cases.

He personally overcame numerous chronic diseases over 28 years ago via homeopathy, herbal medicine, organic whole foods, minerals, essential fats and the transformational power of belief in the Divine Spirit.

Robert has spent the past decade delving into the antimicrobial, immune-supporting and regenerative properties of silver. As a Homeopath, he has dedicated his life to revealing the healing power within us all.

Robert is the father of 2 vaccine-free children, Elijah (21) and Ariana (15), with his wife Nancy. He co-authored Unlock the Power To Heal with Ty Bollinger.

His radio program, The Robert Scott Bell Show broadcasts LIVE from 3-5 PM Eastern M-F and Sundays 1-3 PM Eastern on syndicator Genesis Communications Network (GCN), with rebroadcasts via UK Health Radio, along with iTunes, Stitcher, tunein, Brighteon, PodBay, ListenNotes, OwlTail, Top Podcast, Luminary, SoundCloud, Podcast Addict, Twitch, D-Live, and PlayerFM (banned on YouTube and Spotify).

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